If you are into wearing spandex or seeing men wearing spandex you have hit the mother lode.  Our spandex photos site is run by men who love wearing spandex and love seeing other guys in spandex.

If it is spandex we are into it. Bikinis, thongs, G-strings bring it on. You love wearing spandex bodysuits, so do we. Maybe you are into a little spandex cock display, maybe it is a pouch shaped like a penis or maybe it is a spandex design that fully exposes it. Either way we are into it and if you are too we have so much to show you. Our goal is to blow you away with the hottest spandex photos of men wearing the most amazing spandex gear you have ever laid eyes on.

One of the hottest new styles for men are the micro short style swimsuits and workout wear. Tiny shorts with great pouches and cuts that show anywhere from a hint of ass cheek to a substantial amount of cheek. These short shorts are as hot as what the girls wear and I will be sharing a number of spandex photos of micro shorts in future postings.

Spandex Photos

Spandex photos of male to female transformation swimwear/underwear/sportswear. The male to female transformation spandex suits repackage the penis into the shape of a lovely little vagina. These are some of the hottest selling men's swimwear designs. As it turns out a lot of men are interested in experimenting with their feminine side.

Some of my favorite spandex photos are of pouch only swimsuits for men. These wild and extreme micro swimsuits come in a few different styles including penis shaped pouches that are virtually the exact shape of the penis and fit on like a second skin, for someone like me with a spandex fetish spandex photos of these suits are awesome. The pouch only swimsuit is also available in a smooth pouch design which to me seems like an egg shaped pouch. My penis is on the small side so the egg shaped pouch works better than the penis shaped pouch. I have used these at a few different beaches and the sui is always a hit. People want to take photos with me! These pouches are extremely small and are considered the smallest men’s swimwear design on the planet. It would be hard to think of any way to make a suit any smaller. The best thing about them is the great tan you get. I like to call it a virtual nude tanning experience.

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